The Wyoming Archaeological Society

Wyoming Association of Professional Archaeologists

Golden Trowel Nomination Criteria 
(Wyoming Archaeological Society, 2000 Annual Meeting Minutes) 

1. The name is the Wyoming Archaeological Society Golden Trowel Award. 
2. Must have made significant contributions to Wyoming archaeology at the state level,    

    not just at the local or county level.
3. Must be a member in good standing of the Wyoming Archaeological Society.
4. Can be an avocational or professional.
5. Can receive the award more than once in a lifetime. 
6. Awards may be given jointly. 
7. More than one award may be given in a year. 
8. Nominations will be submitted in writing to the WAS Executive Secretary/Treasurer by

    January 31 of award year. 
9. The WAS executive committee will select the recipient(s).

1971 Lou Steege, Cheyenne 
1972 unknown 
1973 John Albanese, Casper 
1974 Grant Willson, Cheyenne 
1975 No Award Presented 
1976 Milford and Imogene Hanson, Cody 
1977 Henry Jensen, Casper 
1978 Irene Morgan, Lander 
1979 Helen Lookingbill, Riverton 
1979 Jim and Loucille Adams, Lander 
1980 Gerald Carbone, Sheridan 
1981 George Brox, Rawlins 
1982 Unknown 
1983 Unknown 
1984 Carolyn Buff, Casper 
1985 Carlton Belz, Casper 
1986 Mimi Gilman, Saratoga 
1987 June Frison, Laramie 
1988 Loucille Adams, Lander 
1989 George C. Frison, Laramie 
1989 Ada Jackson, Saratoga 
1989 Bill Barlow, Gillette 
1990 Milford Hanson, Cody 
1991 William Scoggin, Rawlins 
1991 Charles Reher, Laramie 
1992 Harry Earle, Torrington 
1993 Glenn Sweem, Sheridan 
1993 Mary Hopkins, Laramie 
1994 Joe Bozovich, Rock Springs 
1994 Danny Walker, Laramie 
1995 Deborah Chastain, Saragota 
1996 June Frison, Laramie 
1997 Julie Francis, Laramie 
1998 Dewey and Janis Baars, Wheatland 
1998 Dave Eckles, Laramie 
1999 Dave McKee, Saratoga 
2000 Barbara Nahas-Kiery, Cody 
2001 Cher Burgess, Sundance 
2002 Connie Robinson, Sheridan 
2002 Paul and Margot Joy, Laramie 
2003 Barb Nahas-Kiery, Cody 
2004 Bill Owsley, Laramie 
2004 Don and Eva Peden, Lander 
2005 Rich Adams, Laramie 
2006 Wil Husted, Billings, MT 
2006 Grant Willson, Cheyenne 
2007 Judy Wolf, Laramie 
2008 Bill Current, Rock Springs 
2009 Leniegh Schrinar, Riverton 
2010 Mike Bies, Worland 
2011 Zane and Elaine Hilman, Sheridan 
2012 Dan Bach, Cheyenne 
2012 John Laughlin, Laramie 
2013 Sylvia Huber, Cody 

2014 Mavis Greer, Casper

​2015 Ed McCausland, Riverton

2016 Todd Guenther, Lander

2017 Dave Vlcek, Pinedale

2018 Dr. Larry Todd, Meeteetse

2019 Larry Amundson, Lander